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DV FAQ Infopost

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Questions regarding DV? Question no longer, here are the answers!


Q: So what's up with this whole DV-1/DV-2 thing?

A: Since the member cap in Guild Wars is 500, DV is made up of two guilds to be able to accommodate everyone. DV-1 & DV-2 are equal in all respects, except for the following:

  • DV-1 does Guild Missions & Guild Hall activities. It is expected members join guild missions or participate in guild hall activities.

And that's the only difference!


Q: What are the representation policies in DV?

A: Both of the DV guilds are completely 0% rep required guilds. Representation is completely optional & never monitored!


Q: What are the join requirements for DV?

A: Joining DV is simple - just ask! We accept anyone, from new players on their day 1 to veteran players who've played since day 1! ^^


Q: How active do I need to be for DV-1? Is it ok if I can't join guild missions every week?

A: There is no strict ruling, but logging in / doing missions at least once a month is recommended. We also have the Away rank for people who know they are going to be away for a longer period of time, but are planning to return. All you need to do is ask & you can have it ^^


Q: What's the whole Active / Shiny Member thing in DV-1?

A: In DV-1, throughout the month, members progress in rank from Member -> Active Member -> Shiny Member, by participating in activities. At the end of the month, the ranks are recorded and reset. In the future, this allows us to potentially award really active members, or identify inactive members who can move to DV-2, if we ever need to do so.


Q: Who do I need to contact for anything DV-related?

A: Check out the List of Contacts!


Q: I'm interested in Guild Missions, how does that work?

A: Check out the Guild Missions post for info on that ^^!



If you have any questions, feel free to post a reply to this thread ^^ We'll do our best to answer you =)

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