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Guild Missions with DV - How? What? Where?

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Since guild missions no longer require consumables, this means we can do them whenever we want, however we want, as many times as we want! In order to provide some basic structure, here's how we approach missions in DV!

Scheduled missions:

  • We have a couple of scheduled time slots on which missions are done. Since missions reset weekly, you only need to attend one of these times in order to get the rewards.
  • Missions are conducted by a Coordinator, Officer, or Leader. We move around in a squad (or two), and follow the instructions of whoever is coordinating the missions.
  • On scheduled missions, we do Medium & Hard PvE missions. Easy missions can be done afterwards by anyone who wants to stick around.
  • We perform a roll call, marking people with being active for the month.
  • We do these in DV-1 only.

Unscheduled missions:

  • Missions can also be triggered whenever, by poking any Coordinator, Officer or Leader, and done on unscheduled times
  • This is mostly useful for Easy PvE missions, as well as PvP / WvW opportunities, which can usually be done with less than 5 people
  • For PvP missions, simply ask a Coordinator to drag you & your team into one of the temporary PvP teams
  • These can be done in DV-1 and DV-2.


If you have any questions regarding guild missions, ask away!

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