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Ascendant Supporter, Supporter Tags on Discord & Minecraft!

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Hey everyone,

it's time for our final community birthday announcement!


We are proud to announce that Ascendant Supporter, the highest supporter tier in our current supporter reward set, has become available!



In addition to the forum & Teamspeak badges that have already been revealed before, the Ascendant Supporter pack also includes, for the first time in OpenCommunity's history, three physical items!

  • OpenCommunity heat mug, featuring artwork by our very own @Atila
  • Ascendant Supporter pin-back button
  • And an extra OpenCommunity logo pin-back button


Here's a (very large) gif of the heat mug in action

As our highest supporter tier in this set, the Ascendant Supporter rank will be set to the 120€ threshold.

Note that in order to send the physical items, a mailing address will be required once a member hits the Ascendant Supporter rank. Members can opt out of the physical items if they don't wish to give out their address.


In addition, we're also happy to announce that our public Discord server as well as our brand new Minecraft server will now also include Supporter titles!

  • Supporter
    • Obtained with any donation towards the community or a sponsored cause.
  • Grand Supporter
    • Obtained at the 120€ threshold (Ascendant Supporter in the current set).

Note that all existing supporters in the current set will receive these extra titles retroactively.

The Discord/Minecraft titles are permanently available and will not swap out with sets, so they will be obtainable within any set. We will endeavor to create similar titles in other games we might possibly wade into in the future :D!


We are super excited for the completion of our supporter set, and hope that our generous supporters enjoy the addition!

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I'd like to add a personal note to this too -

I'm so happy that we were able to add this rank. I really wanted to be able to send people something, but as a somewhat global community, we've always been scared of high shipping fees, which is why it took us a bit longer to determine the rank's donation threshold. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on whether we could possibly manage to include physical items in future sets at even smaller thresholds - so consider the Ascendant Supporter items somewhat of an experiment in that regard. I'm also really pleased with the items themselves - I've been looking for months for some kind of physical knickknack that would be cool for people to use - I've browsed through everything from keychains, fridge magnets, mouse mats, to calendars, collectable cards and even 3D printed figurines, but I think a classic good old mug & pin is a really great thing, and I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

Here's another pic of the shinies I took with my phone:


Overall, I'm quite excited to be able to give back something physical to our members to show off to their friends & family :D


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That looks quite snazzy indeed! 

Who are the people on the mug? :D


Edit: Also, Minecraft? Where?!

Edited by Minithra

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On 06/05/2017 at 08:32, Minithra said:

That looks quite snazzy indeed! 

Who are the people on the mug? :D


Edit: Also, Minecraft? Where?!

The mug features the OC Staff at the time it was designed, - Slay, Sabina, Sithicus and myself + Atila who designed the icons :D We were hoping to fit more on but everything looked way too squished :P

If we ever do any future versions of the mug I'm tempted to get bigger mugs just so we can put on more faces :D



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