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Share your Desktop Screenie!

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This used to be one of my favorite threads in my WoW community, so I decided to bring it back! I always loved seeing the different ways people style & organize their desktops!

A desktop screenshot says a lot about a person - :D 

Mine, unfortunately, says "I have Steam so I don't need shortcuts anymore"

I dump stuff like images or temporary text files on the desktop sometimes, but they were work related so I had to clean them up before posting!


I cropped out my second screen on the left, because it's literally just another massive picture of Ral Zarek :D 

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Well, that's mine ^^''


I was so happy when found this beautiful wallpaper *^*

There is a link to the reddit post where you can get this one and even more. So you can check it out. There are wallpapers with and without text, just scroll down :3

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thats mine O.o

@Chef do I see a folder named "Borderlands 2 tricks and cheats" :p?

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2 hours ago, Sabina said:

Cephalon Suda!

Can you give a link on this time thingie, note thingie and icon thingie? O.o

It's a combination of Rainmeter stuff. Mostly the Mass Effect theme, modified to suit my needs. And the clock is this.

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@Daus WHOA that looks so cool :o 

@Wintersreach Ral Zarek is my bae. I'm still buying Dragon Maze booster displays to this day :D Also your wallpapers remind me of Shadowrun

@Tawni Aaaaa dem games! How is Thea: The Awakening? I have it on my wishlist but I haven't bought it yet (waiting for the next sale pretty much :D

Oh also, I found this the other day, which is my desktop cca 2009 I think


Took me WAAAAY back :D 

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18 hours ago, Wintersreach said:

I'm just gonna link my desktop cause for my it's the combo of my two screens that do it x3 I am hella in love with the asian cyberpunk aesthetic

Dual monitor desktops are best! Here's mine!


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@Lelling I have several Ral's, tough Niv-Mizzet is my bae personally. Crazy intelligent, end-justifies-the-means scientist dragon with a love for lightning and blowing things up? I am so in :D Also Shadowrun was the reason I fell in love with the asian cyberpunk aesthetic in the first place, that rpg is just so soo awesome and I am very sad I haven't had the chance to play in ages.

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