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Random guild screenshots

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Hello guild~! It is me, Gonik, and my problem is screenshoting everything...


I honestly don't know what that madness was, but I know for sure it was Trinzle's fault! She started this!


A bunch of us tagged up with the pinkiest tags in the middle of quaggan pond near the mf (please notice the mustached norn - he became a guildie this evening, right after Trinzle noticed he doesn't have a guild tag) At some point I've started running in circles around some other people standing near mf and crafting stations, but I guess they were doing something more productive with their lives and weren't interested in quagganing around >.>



then transformed into quaggans (with some exceptions)



THEN... um, Quaggan Hunger Games? it escalated quicky enough...



here we have Sithicus the Fabulous Jumping Doggie photobombing the quaggans. Bad doggie!



and the cutest quaggan lineup, with Sithicus the Creeper in the backgroud this time



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DV can't decide should ve kill VG or spare him cause hes having nice booty and good personality 9_9


He decided for us, looks he didn't like our... personalities? xD


Asura condi girl power team :D (ask boys how many times they died and we girls survived)


At the end we got love story too - Lyssa's red panda (I still say thats racoon btw) fall inlove with my itsy bitsy :P


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