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TERA, Rift, other MMOs

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I'm looking into introducing some friends into some other MMOs, especially some Steam-based MMOs, and I thought that I should involve the community. Right now, I haven't planned anything big, except that I wanted to include TERA and/or Rift. If anyone had any suggestions or would be interested, leave a post below!

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hmm Rift.. I have played that for over 3000 hours, and can say it's an extremely good game, very little things to remark there. guild does make a big difference there in keeping the game interesting. without my guild I wouldn't have hit even 500 hours. (where gw2 can be kept interesting ish alone, rift not so much). TERA I did play and enjoy boatloads, but I didn't  play for long. I started it with RL friends, but as they quit, I couldn't be bothered picking it up again. was the first game with actual action combat, where skill was more important than button mashing.


I just got some news from a fellow guild from RIFT, that rift is basically dead. the developers screwed over the game big time. Might not be the best option for the moment. if you're interested in details: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rift/comments/3z3bbb/apotheosys_says_goodbye/

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