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Civ V Shenanigans

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So @Slaywright and I recently played a game of Civ V, and I randomly thought I'd turn the little history overview thingo you get at the end into a gif.


I was the Celts (Green) and Slay was playing Egypt (Yellow), we played as a team so we shared Tech & some other things, and in the end we won a Cultural victory :D.

I don't usually wage war, but I had to declare war on the Iroquois since they settled too close to me very close too the start, and I always like to leave the enemy alive with just one city remaining.

We also kind of relocated Sweden to one of the Iroquois cities they captured, and we were going to relocate the huns (I built a city and gifted it to them just before Slay invaded them, but they took it and burned it so Slay just wiped them out :D).

The biggest dangers to us were really England (Red in the West of the continent) and potentially Austria (giant bright red blob on the Corsica-shaped island in the East), but while England did attack us, Austria was ok on its own and never really threatened us. America was, while powerful, surprisingly a relatively nonthreatening trade partner :D 

I think if we play again I might do one of those things like I'm doing for my CK2 game :D

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