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Pvp Season 3 Team Recruitment! (all welcome!)

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Nuts Are recruiting players to join teams and prepare for PVP season 3! it is a few months away (with season 2 still active!) this gives us time to put into place teams see who has good synergy builds etc etc and work around that with training in our own little private NUTS ARENA! (or guild hall arena for more than 2 teams!) Having multiple teams will allow us to jump on the leader boards!

 Rewards you win in season 3 you can take back to your full time guild hall (as the reward is a nice PVP trophy decoration and other goodies) you can leave your name here or send me a mail/pm in game Fatal.8693 all are welcome to join and play and as we are a community guild you can still keep your full time guild and tag along for the fun/competitive side of GW2 

You only need 2 things!

1- to be on the open community teamspeak so communication when fighting is far easier! 

2-Happy and fun attitude as flaming other team members will not be tolerated! (flame the enemy by all means xD)

Hope to hear for some of you lovely people soon lets be prepared for season 3!

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