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Themed Area: Medieval!

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We've kicked off our very first themed area - in the medieval theme! Basically, the idea is simple - members are encouraged to build medieval-themed things in the designated area to make a cool medieval-looking construction / town / castle / whatever :D It's like a community building project the result of which is something coooool!

We've flattened an area around coordinates -1121 64 -1380 to make it a clean slate, but if the project grows large enough it can expand past the flattened area into the plains around it, so don't feel constrained to the cobblestone flats!

There's a teleport pad to the location at spawn, and also a teleport button for the way back as well :D

I'm hoping we'll also see some updates in this thread every now and then in the form of some cool screenshots! Here's two of mine to mark the start of something super cool!



What potential! :D

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