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Diablo III! (And OC in D3)

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Let's talk the sequel to the mother of all hack 'n slash. At least according to some, but with good reason.

I'll get this out of the way right away: yes, the game was somewhat a mess at lauch, but that is far gone now and especially since the expansion (most features of which are available for everyone btw) it's actually gotten really good. Totally worth playing now.

And the official bit! We have an OpenCommunity community group thing in D3, which everyone who plays is invited to join! If you don't know what that is, the "Communities" button shows up when you hover over the friend list button, and when you click that it gives you window where you can join the various in-game groups and such. Among them you can find "OpenCommunity". It's not a clan, so if you're already in one don't worry, you can join it just fine.

Let's get this thing rolling, shall we? What with the new season just started and a host of exciting new things added with it.

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I've been really enjoying Diablo III since Reaper of Souls, primarily Monk - just too much fun!

Feel free to add me too - Daz#2818 - also on Heroes of the Storm sometimes too :D

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Yes, it's where the friend list is at the bottom right when you are in the game. When you hover over it you get an extra button labeled "Communities".

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