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Pink Day in LA 2017!

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Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again and I am so pleased to announce that OpenCommunity has been once again confirmed as one of the two official European organizers for the 10th anniversary of Pink Day in LA on October 21st!

Official Pink Day Website

OpenCommunity EU pre-events
14th-21st Events Every Day!
Pink Day!
21st 19:00 CEST!

What is Pink Day in LA?

Pink Day in Lion's Arch is an event aimed at raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research. It started in Guild Wars 1 in 2007 as a small gathering of people who dyed their armours with a combination of red and silver. Through the following years, PDILA has become more and more popular and ArenaNet even added the Pink Dye to GW1 specifically for the event, and has since then also moved into GW2 as well as recently into Archeage.

The event will be hosted on both NA and EU by several different organizers, and connected through GW-EN Radio! The event will take place in the evening of October 21st, starting at 7 PM CEST (that's 12 PM Central Time for US peeps).

There will be different events that players can participate and win prizes in.


How do I join?

EU peeps can join us by connecting to our Teamspeak3 server on the day of the event: 

Teamspeak Address:


There is no password, and no speaking requirements, so feel free to join us even if you're the type who prefers just lurking around on TS without saying anything - we promise you'll still have a fun time! :D

Alternatively, if you don't wish to use Teamspeak, you can join us in-game by keeping an eye out on the LFG on the day or contacting our commanders, or tune in to GW-EN radio on the day for information on how to join!

NA players can join by checking LFG on the day and catching a taxi threre!


How do I join the OpenCommunity pre-events?

Simply hop onto our TS at ts.theopencommunity.org at any time and you'll see us in the Community Week / Pink Day channel on the TeamSpeak! (For Triple Trouble, we'll be in the Triple Trouble Channel since it's a bigger event that needs subchannels).

The teamspeak & channels have no passwords and are open to all, and we don't have speaking requirements for users - but coordination is done via voice so it's recommended that you are there, even if you don't intend to speak! :D


Where can I donate?

You can donate through the official donation page.

Anyone who makes a donation and is also registered on our forums can, in addition to Pink Day rewards, also redeem the Pink Day in LA 2017 supporter ribbon which will appear under your username on the forums, and a badge on Teamspeak:



Any donation over $10 CAD also qualifies you to receive a special Pink Day in LA 2017 physical badge!


In addition, as a featured cause, any donations made to Pink Day in LA will also progress your personal reward progress at OpenCommunity.


How do I redeem OC prizes?

Check out the information on the top of our donate page!


Where do the donations go?

The donations go to the Canadian Cancer Society, and the focus is primarily on breast cancer research - this is very important as we currently do not have a "cure" for cancer, and many large international Pink Ribbon organizations mainly raise money to proliferate already existing but ineffective drugs and awareness campaigns which garner profit. That is why it's important to fund charities which focus on research, such as the Canadian Cancer Society. Whenever donating - even if not to the Canadian Cancer Society - make sure that you do have access to information about where the money goes and what it's being used on.


Where can I stay tuned for more info?

  • For direct PDILA info, follow @PinkDayinLA on Twitter (Official hashtag: #pinkday17)
  • For other charity news organized by Gamers Giving Back, follow @GamerGivingBack on Twitter
  • For news about our local organization of Pink Day, follow OpenCommunity on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, or join us on Discord

Event information will also be shared by our commanders and event organizers after each event, so keep an ear out after events. You can also follow this thread for any future updates, or keep an eye on our Discord announcements!


I can't donate, can I help out in other ways?

Yes! Here's a number of ways you can help!

  • Spread the word! Tell your guildies, friends, family and pets! Get everyone involved!
  • Follow & retweet the official Pink Day twitter and use the hashtag #pinkday17
  • RSVP to the Pink Day in LA event on Facebook!
  • Share either official PDILA or OC PDILA-related posts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!

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I'm happy to inform everyone that during Pink Day in LA 2017 we have raised over 9000 Canadian Dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society! Congrats everyone, and thanks for supporting this amazing cause ^^

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