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The Guildie Superthread!

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Hello! So DV is quite a massive conglomerate of two guilds and we want to encourage people connecting to each other and chatting and doing all sorts of fun stuff ^^

So make a post in this thread, introduce yourself, and get the 2nd part of our welcome package!

You can mention a little bit about yourself if you want, or just say "Hey, my name in-game is name.1234, I like doing dungeons and fractals so poke me at any time ^^" 

Just make sure you include your in-game name :3

Sooooo I guess I'll start :P 


Hey guys ^^ I'm Lelling, I joined DV around Spring 2014 if memory serves! My in-game name is Lelling.6795, I love doing fractals and other stuff, so if you ever want to do anything like Fractals or dungeons and you see me online, don't be afraid to poke & ask me ^^ I'm always up for shenanigans if I have time :) 

In-game name: Lelling.6795 | Cyan Vei, Nymennea, Chastwyr, Kyelyth, and about 5325432 other characters :D 

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Hey DV peeps, most people just call me Sithi, I joined DV shortly after HoT came out I believe, I was with a friend who said they were organizing a Dragon's Stand and I was hooked ever since. My interests within the game are constantly changing, with the new pvp season I'm quite into that right now. I am also currently on a scribing frenzy in the Guild Hall, I even made a Cauldron guarded by a snail, just a small window into my insanity yaaaay!

In-game name: Sithicus Dias.3904 | Sithicus Dias, Taer Alasfer, <first name> Dias

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Hello my lovely guildies! My name is Sabina. I joined DV... mmmm... Jeeez, it's already a year ago! O_O I am very happy to be a part of DV, it is like my little home. My little family~ (*looks at the roster* Not little really tho xD) How did I get here? Well, I had a friend back in the days that brought me here on event Dungeon Night with words "It will be a lot of fun!". And it was a lot of fun, but my English was really terrible :) But now I improved in many ways, met a lot of new people and very happy with all this stuff. My interest now in-game are Fractals, AD Infinitum collection (almost finished) and Bifrost collection. I am trying to get into PvP, but it's really scary to do it by my own. I need those wings NAU! 

Anyways, I love you people! Thanks for giving me all this everything that I have now. That's because of you^^

In-game name: Murnyash.8431 | Molrou, Andruil Virassan, Murchella, Ragnara Veilbreaker, Arcana Murmuria and a few more~

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Hello people

You can all just call me pale my ingame name is Paleglider.2407. I joined DV think almost 1/2 yr ago during a TT event. I like all aspects of this game but my preference shifts and mostly play weekends with a few hrs during weekdays (mostly getting dailies)

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hey all ,

My name is Andrew and i recently joined dv . My in game name is either promith or crazyscot. I enjoy most of guild wars dungeons fractals and event maps :). i play most evenings depending on if i am working or not .


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Hey Everyone :D

My name is Nana and I am more or less a DV newbie, I joined in February after I accidentally ended up on a OC TT map, besides being a DV newbie I am a GW2 newbie in general. I think I did fractals like twice so I'm getting the hang of those slowly, I do know some dungeons really well like TA and CoF but never touched CoE or Arah other than story mode. I entered WvW like 5 times, can't really understand where everyone keeps running around and killing stuff so I can't say that I like it much, up until recently I didn't go much on expansion maps I used to die within the first 5 minutes of walking through Verdan Brink until I got the importance of a good build and good runes :) I started crafting Nevermore which is a legendary weapon I really fell in love with and that kinda takes up all of my time in game. (can't blame me, it's a pretty sweet staff) I can say this that starting the first collection for Nevermore really got me out of my comfort zone and got me to do more of HoT maps and events and masteries and I started to enjoy them as opposed to being slightly overwhelmed by them so I appreciate that. All I can say is that everyday I discover new things about the game which is pretty exciting and gets me even more hooked.

My in game name is Isadora Miau.7861 <3 C'ya there!

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Hello everyone,


My GW story started about 10 years ago when my husband started playing GW. I liked it so much that I started to play as well and got hooked to the game. I don't play other games beside GW2, I just log into GW1 from time to time for sentimental reasons J.

My first character in GW was a necro Animale Furioso and it's my all time favorite character,  name and profession.

My current interests  in-game are Fractals, PVP,  crafting some Legendary. .. I barely had any precursor drops so I have to compensate for that by collecting things for the Legendary.

I joined DV for a Tequatl run about 2 years ago and I like to be a part of DV so I'm here ever since.

My in-game name is Animale.1472, Animale Q, Animale Furioso, Animale Natura, you get the picture - all of them of are a kind of  „Animale“.

See you in-game!

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Hello! I am Flu (in game captianflu.8529), I joined DV in summer 2014 iirc, tho started to attend events in summer 2015 (weird, isn't it?). I do in game whatever I feel like doing, so if you see me online you can join me in doing whatever :)

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Hello peps of the DV Guild!
I am Zognia! Joined DV a few weeks back. I play PvP ranked and unranked hit me up if u wanna destroy some scrubs (Zognia.5219)!

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Hello everybody!

I'm Flucksaur, AKA Eioxx in the game. I've started playing Guild Wars 2 in 2012 and I still love it. My friends call me fanboy because I'm always posting things about Guild Wars 2 in my twitter account, haha. I'm from Spain and I've joined this guild because I would like to improve my english skills, I'm not good enough though. My first month in this guild has been very fun and I meet a lot of new players and they are all so awesome <3. My hobbies are: play videogames, get plenty of exercise, cook and eat later (xD), see a lot of anime, etc.

My in-game name is Flucksaur.2537 and my main character is an asura engineer (as I said before, his name is Eioxx). I do a lot of things (WvsW, PVE, Fractals, PvP), so if you need help someday or you want to have fun with me you can whisper me and I'll play with you :D.

See you in Tyria!

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Heya everyone! ^^ I'm Lacie and I think I first joined DV in 2014 spring/summer after some TT runs, but then I left the game for a long time. And when I came back a few months ago, I decided that I just have to find that guild again.. in which I've obviously succeeded after some chaotic detective work (since I couldn't remember anything XD) :D And I'm really glad, since the game is really not that much fun, when you try to play everything on your own :D As far as GW2 goes, I'm pretty much completely new to certain aspects of the game (such as PvP, not doing that much or at all XD), but I'm always up for some events, fractals or dungeons (especially dungeons) if I have time, so don't be afraid to whisper me about that. Or if you just want someone to level up with, I have a lot of characters that reeaaally want to get to 80 ^^ 

My in-game name: Lacie.8213 | Seyana Ice (main), Froya Ehelsorn, Laera Nass and some others ^^

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O hai o/

While I'm Slaywright on the forums and TS and around the shop, in-game you'll very rarely see me on said character. Been in DV since the spring of 2014 and co-leading it since the start of this year. I enjoy all the PvE contents in the game, with a bit of a flavour of the month twist* but always up for whatever seems fun to do together. I don't do "meta", nor do I stack or skip or anything silly like that. I like actually playing the content, not finding ways around playing it.

* Flavour of the month at the time of writing this appears to be raids. But fractals is always a thing, too. Give me all the fractals.

~ Slaywright.4807 / Väre, Räime, Räiske, Ronja Gracegale, Riasa Silvertongue, Ishmael Vilehand, Vaskitsa, and a bunch of other people

Edited by Slaywright
Because fractals.

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Heya :)

My ingame name is Ran. 4658. All my alts, except Saari Saba are named after norse mitology godessess, like Ran, Nott, Nox, Syn with surname Lyall.

I'm from Slovenia, a nurse as primary job and editing subtitles for movies as secondary. Cause I like both and couldn't decide between them, I just kept both. That made my life chaotic but I find routine boring anyway. :D Beside gaming and work, my passion is metal music.

My first game ever was Zelda, eternal Nintendo fan. I tried just about every MMO, from Cabal, AION, EoS, TERA and lots of asian anime games like Aura Kingdom and  Asta. But nothing can't compare to GW2. I still play SWTOR cause I really like Mandalorian and Sith lore, but only GW2 can keep me occupied for ages. So much to do and so little time :D

I played GW2 at the time when Drytop and SW maps came out, back then it was hard to solo that content and I paused game till a month ago.

My ingame goals are:

- to participate in guild events, as many is possible and my skills allowing it

- to learn about  raids

- to grind fractals till i get all tiers done

- to find a good time for WvW content cause every time I get there, it's empty :D

-  as a big achievement whore I want to find, discover, collect, complete... everything possible and impossible :P

And the last but most important - to meet new friends and play with them. I know long time and experienced players don't have time for newbs (and noobs haha) but I hope there are some new players, who would like to learn game and to join forces in discoverings. I'm online almost every afternoon and evening, sometimes afk cause of work. But if anyone wants / wish / have suicidal thoughts, I'm always up for any content :) But beware - the phrase "I'm a noob" is my middle name for real :D

I really like DV guild, commanders are amazing and members fun and helpful :)

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Heeeeello peeps !

The name my parents gave me is Julie but in game I am Lyssa Drazt (ID player: zouu.2059). I am a fresh member in DV even if it took me a while to join this guild/OC (Yes, 'cause it's been like 10 months since i do TT with you guys <3). I play this game at its begining but only had my own account last year (no moooney <- poor student ;_;)

In this game, i like almost everything (hmm.. should i say everything?). But, at this moment, the thing i enjoy the most is PvP.. Kicking some asses with my thief is very funny :'D (if you want to team up with me, feel free to ask me, i don't bite. well.. for now eheheh).  But what i love the most in this game is the encounters we can make. It's really cool to meet other peeps from other countries, play with them and even make new friends :3

Anyway, see you in game buddies ! <3

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Hey guys!

I'm Arkarian! I joined DV a couple of weeks ago after a successful TT. I saw that you were an amazing community, capable of doing one of the hardest events in the game while keeping it nice, so I thought: I have to join this guild! :D

I've been playing GW2 since the release, although I stopped playing a couple of times (main reason why I haven't done raids yet or haven't done fractals since the instabilities were added xD). Actually I'm a fan of this "franchise" since GW1, which I played for 5 years!

I enjoy almost every type of content in GW2. I did most of the things that could be done in PvE until I stopped playing, so one of my objectives now is doing what I couldn't while I was away (aka TA aetherblade path, fractals up to 100 and raids :) ). I also have experience in WvW and PvP though. In WvW, I was part of a spanish WvW-focused guild for quite a long time, and in PvP managed to make it to the EU top100 back when we had the leaderboards.

But most importantly, whatever I do I like playing with nice people! So I know I joined the right guild <3

That's most of it! I'm looking forward to seeing you all ingame and share some amazing moments together:)

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Hello fellow dragon hunters!

I am Will, or Wilsp in the Guild Wars bubble. I am a DV co-ordinator and commander-in-training for the OC. I have been in DV since the Christmas Community Weekend. I came across an advert for a morning wurm and have enjoyed every TT since.

I enjoy general PvE and WvW, but most of my time these days is spent grinding for legendaries and raid gear.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing you ingame!


~Wilsp / Willospa Vionara / Brak Osrahn / Serena Wytche / Pable Ezpadore

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Hello :)

I joined DV after a TT run a couple of months ago and I've loved this guild ever since. I could make such a long list about everything I like but I'm afraid I don't have time to write that novel right now.

I like playing on my own while chatting with people or talking in teamspeak but I really enjoy fractals and dungeons aswell. So far I mostly play pve (and raids have a special place in my play-time <3) and I do a lot of collections and achivement point hunting. Trying to do a bit more dungeons since there's still is a lot of paths I've never done so if you're going for a dungeon run, whisper me! Or well, whisper me anyway - I love talking to people :D

ING: Jomika.2310  |  Nori Knox, Navi Knox or N*** Knox

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I joined DV a few months ago. I really enjoy being in this guild, such a nice group of people, so welcoming and helpful. While I am happy to be on teamspeak, not built up the courage to speak as yet.

I up for most things in game, so happy to tag along if you need some help. Working on the last part of Nevermore and cursing  the need for blasted amalgamated gemstones.


~stormwatcher.5276 / Beibhinn / Kaenia / Dubheasa / Raena Stormwise / and a few more ALTS, I like trying new things :).


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Hi peeps! Pim here, one of the TT commies (trainee as of writing, but hey, I'll get my full tag soon!) and a coördinator in DV.

I think I joined OC and DV back in October after going on TS on good old Tequatl. Heard that they were doing TT next so I was pretty excited! I'm mostly a PvE GW2 player but I've been enjoying PvP and WvW the past few weeks. My main, and the character you'll usually see me play is Ergysal. Account name is Wafflemancer.7591

GW2 stuff, aside, I am a musician. Not a professional one, not yet. I play jazz drums, jazz vibraphone and you guessed it, 20th century neo-classical avant-garde organ jazz piano, although piano is my lesser instrument. I like to think I'm a good music student... I listen tons of albums, old and new, try to go at least one concert every week (my goal is 80 per year), go to formal and informal jams a lot, read a lot of music history, blablablah. So yeah, to quote the Bearded Man, "good stuff!"


Music stuff aside, I'm from Belgium, currently living in Bruges. Bleh, Bruges. Too many tourists (although get a lot of free drinks from those :3) I speak Dutch (or Flemish is you want to consider that an official language), English (obv), some French (I'm learning, slowly but surely), a bit of Spanish and a few words of Swedish, which I've been wanting to learn more of.

If you wanna play some GW2, Awesomenauts, or any game for that matter, do poke on TS. Don't usually check it but a poke does stimulate me a bit :3

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I'm Nom, and I live in Japan so I don't get to spend as much time with you as I'd like. I joined with Sithi and a few others around HOT release? I think.

I'm a level 9 hoarder, although Pre Collections are draining my warehouse. 

I'm interested mostly in meeting people and establishing bonds like I'm used to in a guild. That's one thing I dislike about gw2's system, but I won't go too much into that now. 

I'm just breaking into T3 fractals so always up for those, and recently have been bit by the raid bug again. Because of time zones, it's difficult, but I feel more ready than ever to defeat VG and his buddies.


Find me in game at Nomura.1542. My main is a Druid, eldest and most handome of the Ornave Brothers; Trevor Ornave. 

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Hellooooo o/

I joined the community 3-4 months ago after I finally managed to find an organized TT :] A month after that I joined DV in hopes of spicing up my gaming which at the time pretty much consisted of TT-WvW-TT-WvW, and it worked out very well :]

You will likely see me under my main character's name Epertyufi (or my husketeer Epertyuf, victim of typos) which you are more than welcome to try and pronounce on TS ^.^ Nowadays I'm usually running around HoT maps in search of MPs for my Nevermore collection, but I'm usually up for fractals (T4 dailies definitely, but I would also gladly help out anyone new to fractals) and dungeons ^^

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Hello all , I am a new member of DV  guild, my name is Chris ( Nekros Vasilias in game ) and I am very happy that I am part of this big gw2 fan community! Cya online and lets have some serious fun !

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Well, I've been part of DV since Monday after running TT with their group on the Sunday, and I started playing GW2 about a month ago. So far, I have to say I'm impressed! All the bits from WoW that I loved, with very little in the way of the annoyances that stopped me playing in the end. It's been about two years since I last played an MMO seriously (multi-boxing in EvE Online), and I've definitely got the bug back :) I do however seem to have made a slight slip in making a necromancer my first character, seems the community as a whole aren't too fond of the necro, at least in PvE...

Well that's me! Here's looking forward to a long a prosperous relationship together. See you all in game...

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Hey all, I've been in DV for a week or so now (I think) and have been enjoying the TT runs and GMs. I did play GW2 at launch but only for a few months as it just didn't grab me at the time. I'm currently trying to learn everything and do everything. :)



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