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Assisting with DV Newsletters - How To

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In DV, we send out a monthly in-game newsletter in the first week of every month to inform our members of various important guild / community events and activities.

In order to send out the newsletter as efficiently as possible, we ask members to volunteer to help us send these mails out.


How does it work?

Once the mails are ready, each volunteer is assigned 20 names to mail (the mail contents are also provided for copy-pasting). That usually takes 15-20 minutes, as one has to wait 45-60 seconds between each mail to avoid getting suppressed.

We usually try to mail everyone in the span 3-5 of days. After everyone's mailed, volunteers get an activity rankup, and if they did more than they were assigned, volunteers can also earn raffle tickets!


How do I volunteer to help?

You can join the DV Discord Server, and contact Lelling or Slaywright by clicking on either of our names in the welcome channel. Simply message either one of us that you'd like to help out with the mails.

If you have any questions, you can also contact us (Lelling.6795 or Slaywright.4807) in-game.



Thanks for reading :happysylvaritest:


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