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Welcome to [RP]!

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We are a non-PvE, non-PvP/WvW Roleplaying Guild!
Our main objective is to provide a platform and safe space to RP-interested people, help them get started, teach them the ropes etc., and to build up a solid community in the english-speaking, international EU community.

Every Saturday, we host a public RP event, free for anyone to join, but we're always open to RP with our members, either casually, or with an overworking story.

How to get started in the Guild:

- find us in the Guild lineup here and apply, submit you application to our blog or whisper our Leader (Equilibrium.1035) ingame for an invitation
- attend one of our events and see if it's your cup of tea
- contact and speak to us about RP in general, characters, or anything else RP-related
- comment on this thread
- or drop by our Teamspeak channel during an Event!

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