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Community Update #2 - In With The New!

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Last update we talked about a huge overhaul of the Event Team for Guild Wars 2, and so far it has been a success! We've decided to expand on the successful formula, rounding out our selection of events. Clearing out the stagnant Black Desert area has also made room for some other game projects to push their way to the forefront!


Guild Wars 2

As an addition to the update two weeks ago, we've expanded our event team with the RP Event Organizer team, rounding out the variety of events we provide in the community. We've also added the required structure to the Calendar, and added TeamSpeak tags and channels.


New Event Team designation added:

OpenCommunity Event Team

  • EHlu8mI.png Event Commander
  • 0ptODME.png Triple Trouble Commander (sU8ZEaL.png for Trainees)
  • (NEW!) 5dRGJo4.png RP Event Organizer
    • The RP Event Organizer team focuses on roleplaying events.
    • While the commanders usually don't spend a lot of time speaking on Teamspeak, they can make use of the Team tools to prepare events, and the RP channels to taxi members into the event, or coordinate with each other while holding the event in-game.


Additional notes:

  • A new event category, "GW2 - Roleplaying Event", in lavender colours, has been added to the event calendar
  • A Roleplaying subforum has been added to the Guild Wars 2 section
  • Internal infrastructure has been updated to support the Event Team
  • Commander Signups have been updated, now users can apply for the RP Event Organizer team


Other Games

With the release & popularity of Overwatch, we wanted to add a place for people to connect and play together. Also, Minecraft is happening.

Channels added:

  • The Overwatch channel has been added to the Let's Game section of the TeamSpeak, with subchannels -  a Lobby for chatting and private rooms for playing with friends



  • We've been talking about Minecraft for a very long time already, but things are finally moving in the direction of OpenCommunity acquiring a dedicated Minecraft server for our community members!
  • A Minecraft-dedicated forum thread has been made to both inform everyone of our plans and evaluate interest.



At the end of Spring, we'll be adjusting the values of the basic Supporter badges to make them more accessible, and introducing new medium- and high-tier badges for the next season. Thanks to everyone who donated to the community and supported us so far!

Supporter Badges Phasing Out:

  • The Valiant and Heroic Supporter badges are being phased out with the end of Spring (June 20th)
  • The Donation Page will be updated with new badges & perks on the 21st of June




Got any comments, questions, opinions, or suggestions? Share them below, or contact us via the Feedback function, or catch any staff member directly and tell us what you think!

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