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Poetry <3

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Whether it's silly, romantic, long epics, haiku's or anything in between, this is the place to post it.

I will start with some gw2 and Triple Trouble related poetry made today during Triple Trouble.


my nem is corn
and comm i do
i liek quagg
cuz thae say coo

i luv to snugg
with quaggan too
i walk rite up
an not say shoo


you nem is vill
and wen i see
you comm wurm
in sqwat wit me

i block eggs
an no aoe
you don mind
i smile wit glee


you nem is wurm
an peeps you eat
i is confuse
cuz we no sweet

we take hapoon
and shoot at u
walk reel close
harpoon goes pew


name is freont
he drink tee
messed it up
now tast lik sea


husk is fun
egg is too
wurm is nice
and so is u


friend r good
invite to speak
more online
and wurm no bleak


Stak on comm
get reel close
we do love
an give u rose


wurm was gud
we made a kill
now get loot
sent carrot to vill


vill explains
is real good
now to firthsyt
for some food


i lik wurm
taste quite nice
do trust me
an tak a slice


i am corn
wurm was sweet
now is dead
ty for leed


name is wurm
are quite large
dont get squish
by scary charg


sai is fren
is reel kind
scares her cat
she don mind


i lik to eat
mato is good
i woult die
if no food


nam is poem
make u smile
is qwite cute
thas mi style


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In some ways I was
in an unclimbable pit.

But had I condemned myself
by creating its walls
from thoughts too brittle 
to carry my weight?

My heart was tamed 
to fit in a heart-shaped box.

Whether it was mercy
or a crime,

it was done without
anyone asking me.



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