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PvE DPS Dagger / Dagger Thief (Updated 10/2016)

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This is the very basic all-around PvE damage spec for Thieves. It doesn't require the Daredevil specialization so you can use this one even if you haven't purchased Heart of Thorns. This build is valid also in the current Raid content.



Full Berserker's gear (Power/Precision/Ferocity), ascended stat combination name is [Zojja's.. ]

Berserker's accessories, rings, neck and backpiece

Berserker's Dagger (main-hand), Berserker Dagger (off-hand)

For offset: Short Bow (for might/stealth stacking, mobility), Pistol/Pistol (for ranged damage)


Runes / Sigils

Armor: [Superior Rune of the Scholar] x6

Weapons: [Superior Sigil of Force] & [Superior Sigil of Air]




1st line: Deadly Arts: Mug , Revealed Training , Executioner

( Optional: Dagger Training as the first trait for a little more DPS on the cost of self-heal )

2nd line: Critical Strikes: Flawless Strike , Practiced Tolerance , No Quarter

3rd line: Trickery : Flanking Strikes , Trickster , Sleight of Hand 


Utility Skills


Healing Skill (6): Signet of malice 

Open Utility Skills (7,8,9): Haste, Signet of Agility, Assassin's Signet (Situationally: Shadow Refuge / Smoke Screen (if you need stealth))

Elite Skill: Basilisk Venom (for crowd control) or Dagger storm (for reflecting projectiles)


Food & Consumables

[Seaweed Salad] (+10 % Damage while moving)

[Superior Sharpening Stone] (+Power equal of 6 % of your Toughness, +Power equal of 4 % of your Vitality)



Basic Skill rotation: When the enemy is at 100 - 25 % of health use Cloak and Dagger (5) and Back Stab (1 in stealth) afterwards, then wait for your revealed buff to run out, and repeat. Otherwise just keep auto-attacking (1). When enemy falls under 25 % of health, spam Heartseeker (2).

Steal (F1) restores 2 initiative and doesn't interrupt your rotation, so use it to refill your initiative. There are a couple of stolen skills that increase your dps, and you want to actually use after getting them: Whirling Axe (stolen for ex. from warriors), Throw Gunk (stolen for ex. from engineers). Blinding Tuft (stolen for ex. from thieves) gives you a free stealth for an extra Back Stab (1). Some stolen skills give you crowd control effects (fear etc.), which are useful for breaking defiant bars. The damaging stolen skills not mentioned here are basically damage loss if you use them in the rotation.

Basilisk Venom (Elite) is a very strong CC, since it's shared with 4 other people. Your steal also dazes for a short while, so it can help you CC a bit. Don't forget the stolen skills!


Attributes (if you want to compare yours for example)



This is what your Attributes should look like with full Ascended Berserker's gear.













Hope this was useful for you! And thanks to Akke.8502 for providing pictures and information! :) You can also contact him in-game for any questions about this spec.

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