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Hello there,

My name is Ganjalf, I am from Italy and i play Guild Wars 2 from about a year. In the last 4 months I started raiding training with my guild. I liked that content so much that I studied all encounters and killed all bosses in lfg. I try to clean wings every week but it's hard using lfg. That's why I am here; I am looking for friends who are interested in clean all wings (maybe regularly), that share my long term plan: doing semi/hardcore run, but at the moment I am just happy to do normal clear.



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Welcome to the community ^^

We do schedule full clear runs on our open raids, but a spot for those is not guaranteed every time, so I would suggest looking into joining a static group, which is something we also do at OC :) We currently have one that is being built, so you could try to join it. Contact someone from the raid team on our Raider Discord, or our Raid Team Manager @Viridian on the forums; she'll be able to give you the best advice :)

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