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What are 2 years anyway

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So, after almost two years of being a part of this community, I was looking for my old introduce yourself post- but apparently I never made one. :D

Sup peepserinos, ducklings and all the cuties. Everyone knows me as Karry, although my real name is Adam. SCHOCKER

I am swedish, and I live in Sweden aswell. I've studied animal related topics. My profession is a zookeeper. I ain't working at one no more, but maybe in the future! I would love to study further as a veterinarian nurse though.
Currently, I am working at a dog kindergarten, and I'm also 22 this year. I'm getting old. \o/

I have a dog, which I love to bits, three guinea pigs and a cornsnake. Yes, I love those to bits aswell. :D

Other than that, I've played GW2 since HoT launch. I recently had a break for 2-3 months, but I'm back at it again. x)

So uh.. yea. Very late hi. 


(I am kinda sure I have indeed done this before but I can't find it so I guess I can't trust myself. Send help.) 

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