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OpenCommunity public Discord server!

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Due to popular demand, and also just because it's about time, OpenCommunity is finally launching our Discord server! We will mainly just be using it for text communication as we have TeamSpeak for voice, but it's a great way of keeping in touch with everyone out of game.



What is Discord?

Discord is a free communications app which can be installed on your phone, PC, or from a web browser, making it versatile and super easy to access. It supports text as well as voice communication, which is why it's become very popular with guilds and other communities.


Is Discord going to replace TeamSpeak in our community?

No. Discord's voice capabilities & features cannot compare well to TeamSpeak, and large-scale events would make for a very loud & rowdy channel. TeamSpeak seems to also be more recognizable amongst players. At least for the purposes of public events in Guild Wars 2 - which is our primary use for TeamSpeak right now, we see TS continuing to be a staple.

The OpenCommunity event organization team and staff have been using Discord for a while, as it's a really nice way to communicate out of game without sharing personal information (Skype, Facebook, whatsapp, etc. all require some kind of personal info).


What kind of stuff are we going to have on the Discord?

Lots of stuff! The Discord has channels for chatting about pretty much anything, as well as event notification channels and announcements from the staff, so you'll be able to keep track of stuff that's happening inside the community!


Do I need to download anything?

Nope, Discord can be run from your browser with full functionality except for the push-to-talk feature, but since we wont be using voice chat on Discord much it doesn't matter anyway :P 


Great! How do I join?

Simply click this link!

In order to ensure the safety of our members and prevent spambots from taking over our server, members need to be verified - all you need to do is reply to this thread.



What kind of channels do we have?

We have a number of channels, let's dive right in and go through them!

When you first connect you will only be able to see the Welcome Room, which contains the rules of our Discord & information on how to verify your identity in order to get access to the rest of our Discord server.

Once verified, you'll be able to see a number of rooms:

  • Announcements
    • The announcements chat will be used by the staff to post updates & announcements pertaining to the community. Keep an eye on that one, as we do occasionally say important stuff!
  • Event Notifications
    • The event-notifications chat will be used by our various teams of event organizers to remind / notify members of upcoming events! As right now most of our events are GW2-based, we only need one such channel. In the future, we'll separate our event notification channels by game, so people can unfollow channels of the games they're not interested in.
  • Forum Thread Links
    • Whenever you post something on the forums, feel free to post it in there & briefly say what the thread is about! That way, people will be able to quickly see if any new threads have appeared that they're interested in, and it's a nice way of making sure more people see that thread you've posted!
  • General Chat
  • Minecraft Chat
  • Pokémon Chat
  • Guild Wars 2 Chat
  • Guild Wars 2 Spoilers
    • For discussing GW2 story updates and future release spoilers
  • Overwatch Chat
    • The "chat" channels are intended for random banter of all sorts! Based on experience, it seems to be that:
      • General chat is for cat pictures
      • Pokémon chat is for complaining we don't have Pokémon Go! in our respective countries
      • Guild Wars 2 chat is for screaming "AAA THE NEXT EXPANSION IS COMING!"
    • Essentially, feel free to talk about anything & everything in those channels :D 




If you have any questions related to anything at all, feel free to respond to this topic or message on of our moderators or admins!

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