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Community Update #3 - Let's Get Connected!

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As we grow as a community, we wanted to create different points of access & avenues of communication between the community & players around the world! In addition to adding an array of social media connections, we've also streamlined our donation system to be more user-friendly.




In the information age, everyone's trying to be as connected as possible to the rest of the world, with various social media websites dominating the webosphere. To make it easier to get in contact with both our community members as well as players who don't know we exist yet, we're adding a couple more social media websites to our contact list!



  • We are proud to announce the OpenCommunity public Discord server! It's been in its testing phase for a while now but we're confident that we didn't break anything! If you're not familiar with Discord - it's a free communications app which can run in browser, as an app on your PC or on your phone! It's a nice way to stay in touch out of game while not compromising privacy or security, as well as stay in touch with all the community news. We're looking to integrate discord into our community on whatever level feels natural.
  • Click here to read the full post regarding our Discord server, where you can also find info on how to join!


Social Media

We're also adding the basic array of social media websites. In addition to our Steam Group and Facebook Group, you can also follow us on our

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We wanted to create a friendlier donation system, one which allows users to build up their donations towards shiny prizes over time, rather than having to "purchase" specific badges. These changes retroactively take into account previous donations made by members, who have already been notified of their progress towards the next badge via forum mail.

  • Donations now add up to unlock further rewards rather than those rewards having to be obtained with a single donation.
  • New badges have been added
    • Lucent Supporter
    • Radiant Supporter
    • Ascendant Supporter
  • These new badges will remain available far longer than the 3-month run our previous badge sets included.
  • The donation thresholds for Supporter and Shiny Supporter badges have been updated.
  • Click here to read more about the new Donation system.

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We're continuing to improve our array of subforums and forum features. We'll continue to keep an eye on the forums and see what's needed and what isn't.


New Forums

Minecraft is happening. We promise. Soon™. Also GW 2 raids.

  • A Minecraft forum has been created in our Community Center for all our (future) Minecraft needs.
  • The Lion's Arch Aerodrome forum has been created in the Guild Wars 2 section of the forum for all our raiding needs.


Theme Updated

  • An update for our forum theme has been rolled out. Most of these were background upgrades and bug fixes, but some parts of the forums will look slightly different. Please report any issues by replying to this thread or contacting any admin (@Slaywright is our master of themes).
  • This update should fix a number of issues related to the theme.

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Guild Wars 2

Since the team redesign, our GW2 community has been growing strong, and we've been adding quite a few new events to our schedule. Make sure to check the calendar and see what's being added!


Community Weekend

  • The Summer Community Weekend has been scheduled on the 23rd and 24th of July
  • All regular events have been unscheduled for the 23rd and 24th, as the Community Weekend takes place at the same time
  • A Community Weekend channel has been created on TeamSpeak


Living World Season 3 - Commander Break

After the community weekend, Season 3 is going to hit and our commanders are going to be using it for a short three-day vacation from events in order to allow our commanders to focus on Season 3 content. We've noticed event attendance is usually low for the first few days after a content patch anyway and we don't want to put extra stress on our commanders as well as allow everyone to enjoy new content together.

  • All regular events have been unscheduled for Tuesday-Thursday (26th, 27th & 28th of July) to allow our commanders to focus on Season 3.
  • A Season 3 Hype channel has been created on the TeamSpeak for players to socialize in. As new content is introduced, we'll create additional channels if necessary.


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Looking good! :)

It would seem however that links that point to sections of the same page generate an error.

E.g. Click on the Forums link take you to a page with this error... 

"Sorry, there is a problem
You do not have permission to view this content.
Error code: 2F173/H"

Links to other pages seem to work fine :)

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Hello, a very quick word on the forum theme:

Some of you may have noticed the forum's started to crack along the edges, very often telling you the theme is out of date. A lot of this happened just because IPS was updating the forum software and the theme we're using needs updating separately. We're using a few custom modifications for the theme so we couldn't just go and slap a new one on top every time. So now some major cracks showed up we brought it up to date.

The calendar is still largely on a 12-hour clock. This need some pretty ancient hacks to get around, because IPS doesn't support a 24-hour clock by default. But working on it.

If you spot anything that looks wrong now, do let me know.


2 hours ago, Quingaron said:

It would seem however that links that point to sections of the same page generate an error.

E.g. Click on the Forums link take you to a page with this error... 

Yes that is because @Lelling did a silly. But it should be fixed \o/

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Woops! Ye, they linked to a thread that did not exist anymore due to some last minute updates but I forgot to update the links D:

Thanks to Slay for fixing it real quick ^^

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