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May 2018 Supporter Update - Heroic Set!

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Hey everyone!

April saw the end of our longest running supporter reward set - the Ascendant Supporter set! It was available for almost two years, and featured the introduction of physical items as rewards for supporting the community, and we were absolutely overwhelmed with the support everyone has shown to us by donating to keep this community running and growing. It really means a lot, so thanks so much to everyone who supported us so far!


Founder Badges

As we're entering our fourth year of this community, we wanted to focus a little bit on the people who helped us in the very beginning. Towards the end of 2015, as the Admins found the expenses of running the community were becoming a little bit too much for us, a few people suggested they'd like to donate if we put a fundraiser, so we ran an Indiegogo campaign, and not only did the community help us hit our goal, we almost reached 250% of our initial target!

To reiterate how important their contributions were for this community, and give them a little bit more distinct recognition, we have renamed the Champion Supporter and Legendary Supporter ranks to Champion Founder and Legendary Founder, respectively, and applied some polish to the original designs of the badges!

  SupporterA3Champion_2018.png  SupporterA4Legendary_2018.png


Heroic Supporter Set

Thanks to everyone who donated to support the community, we've not only been able to keep the community going, but with the Ascendant Supporter set, we've also been able to estimate and bring down the costs of mailing out physical items to make them available to lower supporter tiers!

And with that, we are happy to announce the first few tiers of the Heroic Supporter Set!





The supporter set becomes available with Gallant Supporter, and already features a physical reward at that tier! A brand new series of mugs is also available in this set, at the Heroic Supporter rank!

The Heroic Set became available on May 1st, and any donation made from then onwards counts towards reward progress towards this set!


Physical Items

During the first ever Community Assembly, we asked community members what kind of items you'd like to see in the future! A couple suggestions have been thrown out, including mouse mats, keychains, and even some slightly bigger items. A few favorites also stood out - the idea of Atila's adorable bibi badges on small pins or fridge magnets was just too good to resist, so we are giving our supporters the option of choosing either!

This first series of OC Bibi badges features 5 different designs featuring Atila, OC's official bibi artist, and the 4 members of staff at the time of the buttons being ordered! Supporters get a choice of pin or magnet, and then receive a random one out of the set. As more badges are received at higher tiers, we guarantee no duplicates, meaning that members are able to obtain all 5 designs!



We also promised to look into reducing the cost of ordering & shipping OC mugs, to make them available at lower tiers, and as promised, we were able to make the brand new design of the color-changing OC mugs available at effectively 1 tier lower than before! The brand new mugs will feature bibi icons of current & former community commanders and staff members!


We are also currently getting this design signed with a little note of thanks from each bibi featured on the mug! Stay tuned for the signed version of the mug in the coming days!


Check out our donate page for more information!

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