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We've Moved! [Information Post]

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Hi everyone! So as you've noticed if you're here - we've moved! We wanted to address the move & some basic questions that might arise due to the move.

This mail was sent out to all registered members in our community:




OpenCommunity has moved to a new server and new web address. We're sorry we couldn't provide a proper warning beforehand, but the move did not happen on our terms and we focused our resources on getting everything running again.

The old addresses used for the web site and the TeamSpeak no longer work, as we couldn't get a hold of them. We have moved over to operate from www.theopencommunity.org and ts.theopencommunity.org respectively.

The forum and calendar were moved over as is and are back up and running, but there is a possibility of posts or edits from the evening (CEST) of from Tuesday, the 2nd of August having gone missing and some hosted images having disappeared.

While we have no reason to suspect the forum database being compromised or there ever being any malicious intent towards it, it is a thought worth considering to change your password as a precautionary measure anyway.

The TeamSpeak server is brought back online as our next priority. It is being rebuilt from scratch, so we are taking this opportunity to to implement some changes we have been planning. Therefore not all the features from the old server will be immediately available, but the server itself should already be accessible.

Because of a move to a new server with a different hardware configuration and a different operational scope from the previous one, performance problems on any front are not impossible. We will work to address any issues as fast as possible if the server buckles as it comes under load.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

On behalf of the OpenCommunity staff,
OpenCommunity administrator



Q: What happened to my tags on TeamSpeak?

A: Due to the nature of the move we were unable to apply the TS database to the new TeamSpeak, which means we have to build it up from scratch. All of the permissions will need to be handed out manually.


Q: What about the Supporter badges?

A: We will be sending out a new batch of codes for supporter badges as soon as the community is up and running and we can resume doing daily activities. All supporter badges on the forums should be intact.

Update: Supporter badge privilege keys have been sent out to supporters via the forum messaging system! For any issues, contact @Lelling:D


Q: When will events be back up?

A: Events are planned to start on Saturday, 6th of August, save for any unexpected complications.


Q: What happened to the guild channels?

A: We are updating our approach to guild functionality. All the guild channel names & descriptions have been saved, but we will be taking the opportunity to also ensure any inactive guilds are no longer listed, restoring each guild's channels individually, so guild leaders / officers should approach the staff.


Q: Do I need to register on the forums again?

A: No. The forums were recovered fully. Certain images, or any last-minute registrations completed on the night of the server takedown might be gone, but everything else should be intact.


Q: Why did you get a new server / domain / TeamSpeak license?

A: The short answer is - because we had to. It was not really something of our own choice but hopefully it did not inconvenience our members too much. Right now we are primarily focusing on setting everything up and looking forward, but we do feel like our members deserve an explanation and we will make a post explaining the situation soon.


Q: How can I help?

A: There are several ways in which you can help! Spread the word about the move - essentially changing the bookmarks from .com to .org should do the trick! Also, keep an eye out for anything that's broken, missing, or malfunctioning and please report it by messaging one of the admins or replying in this thread!

We will also be opening more positions in event commanding, community management, and website feature development soon! Stay tuned!


Q: Where have my notification emails gone?

A: Check your junk mail folder, or look for a mail from "admin@theopencommunity.org". Email sent by the forum was not properly encrypted and authenticated for a moment, so some email services may have flagged it as spam.


Q: Is this going to happen again?

A: The short answer to that is "no". The longer answer is - not in this manner. There are no plans for us to change the domain of the server for the foreseeable future, but if ever would decide to do it, it would be announced in advance, a redirect would be put in place from the old to the new address, and all data would be transferred, so it wouldn't affect our members at all. This time around we weren't really given the option. The situation was fairly unique.

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Q: Where is the rest of the site?

A: Unavailable for the time being, because we need to rebuilt everyhing else except for the forum and the calendar.

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TeamSpeak Update:

TeamSpeak features are mostly back up! Supporter Badges, Commander Tags and guild functionality are set up, we'll keep an eye on if anything is broken but for now it seems to be working as intended! If you have not received your Supporter Badge privilege keys yet, make sure you are logged into the Forums and check your messages!

If there are any issues, feel free to contact me ^^

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