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Hey everyone!

Some of you already know me, my name is Pippin! I've been a friend of Lelling's for quite a few years, since we played WoW together. I was also part of the OC D&D group that we had going a while back. I don't really play GW2 which is why most of you don't see me often or even know me, but now and then I pop up in the Overwatch chat of the Discord, or on Teamspeak. I've always been a quiet supporter of OC, but never really got the ball rolling in terms of actually becoming a part of the community. :D 

My name's not actually Pippin, it's Pepijn but seeing as how many people have no idea how to pronounce that, I tend to go by Pippin. I'm Dutch, I'm 24 years at the moment, and the only other love I have next to videogames is music. I recently graduated as a sound technician, and sometimes (very rarely, let's be honest) I actually finish a song I wrote myself and upload it to my soundcloud. 

So yeah, see you on Discord or Teamspeak I guess! :D

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