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Pretty Fly For a Warrguy !

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Im Mars, i play 6y now, well i enjoy only pve, in pvp im noob(don't rly like it), an WvW is so crowdy like a metro in Tokyo. I like play pve in team, habbits form mmo where ppl must play together. I think  im a nice guy, i rly enjoy  to play with someone, cause when i play alone, game is so boring. So if you guys want to play dungeons, fractals or maybe some story, ask me, i will be glad to play with you. Im Not a pro, i play for fun, or i could say for ppl that i can meet, and make a good killer team for this GW2 world.

Glad to be part of this community, even if im new 🙂


P.S little riddle in the Topic - tell me what song is it, and what band sing it 🙂 5 g to win for teleports on amaizing Palawa Joko place where you can spend your weekend 🤣

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Interesting riddle. And although it would be pretty fly (for a white guy), like my main necro is, to get some tan in the desert, I do not think it would be right to get that price. I am afraid the offspring of such weekend would be quite a lot of burned skin and I do not have enough aloe vera right now.

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