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Hello 🙂

I have just joined the OC and looking forward to doing all sorts of fun things. I've played GW2 for 3+ years (deleted my oldest char so dunno how old that would have been...), with a break after HoT was launched as I got sidetracked by some other games.

I love the Living World stuff, every now and then I replay bits of the stories or try them on different classes, or hunt for achievements. I also don't mind mapping and other PvE activities, I don't normally speedrun things though. As someone who used to write quest guides for other games I have loads of patience for repetitive tasks or approaching things like "hmm let's see what happens if we do this" 😄

Things I'm always happy to help with - dungeons, stories, achievements, hero points (I've done a quite a few spontaneous runs on HoT and PoF maps), bounties, collections, map events etc
Things I would love to learn more and get involved - world bosses, fractals, raids, meta events on LW4 maps (done some fracs and a few raids but nothing to write home about)

Feel free to add me to friends or shoot me a message if I can help with anything! 

Some of my characters are: Sabre Phantasme, Sabre Cinder, Cryptomancer Triska, Elmira Street (started off with trying for funny names or those to fit the class/race but now with ~12 of them I'm in the process of renaming them all in the same way to be less confusing so eventually all my active ones should be 'Sabre <insertname>')


See you in game 👩‍💻

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Welcome to the community 😄

Don't hesitate to message me if you ever need anything, or just shout at the nearest tree until I fall out of it :GW2_Sylvari:


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