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Hey there!

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So, it looks like I missed this whole subsection of the forum, but better a week late than never, eh?

Let's get to it!

When it comes to Guild Wars, I played Guild Wars 1 for years, so I started with Guild Wars 2 right at the headstart. After finishing story and being too busy to try 5 hour runs of explorable Arah, I stopped playing and this would be my... I think third return to the game. I am currently catching up with the story and from there on I have quite the list on what to do next. (1. Get that glorious griffon; 2. Get the rest of my ascended set a.k.a. trinkets + weapons; 3-5. Start raiding so I can get Legendary armor; Get re-acquainted with all TT paths and mechanics; Get commander tag; Apply for TT team)

I play more or less only PvE, even though I did jump in WvW from time to time in the past. I am open to help with anything, if my help is wanted in any way.

IRL I am web developer from Slovakia, I enjoy videogames (duh!), boardgames, good anime. I listen to audiobooks all the time, although currently I am resting by listening to audio versions of RollPlay instead. Other than that, I make "aftermovie" videos for local convention and look forward to going my second College of Wizardry larp next spring.

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Hey hey ^^ Welcome to the community! 😄 

I like your list, and look forward to seeing you around in-game, and will keep an eye out for that TT Team application 😛 

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