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Another hello from me :)

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Call me Sona.  I'm Austrian and a total videogame-newbie. Started playing in April but effectively played for 3 months because I was travelling the whole of July. Now I am hungry to explore this game more.

So far I got map completion with my one-and-only-guardian Sonatax, tried out other professions and levelled some to lvl80, too (mesmer, thief ), did T1 fracs, very few dungeon paths, tasted wvw, struggled though some JPs, crafted some, learned about SW farming, etc etc, and got to know OC through the Triple Trouble event today. I was so impressed with the firendliness and helpfulness of the commanders that I decided to check it out more. So here I am.

Mainly I just do what I think is fun but I generally try to focus on 3 main things: -) finishing the stories of LS2, HoT, LS3, PoF -) fractals and -) getting / making proper gear for my guardian.

Looking forward to getting to know nice people to play with 🙂 


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Hi Sona! Plenty of exploration to be done, so get stuck in and join some of our events on the calendar!

Make sure to come join our Triple Trouble at some point!

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Hey, actually I joined 3 times already - each head once - and want to try out some of the other 'roles' soon 🙂

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