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September Website Update #2 - Package Tracker!

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Hey everyone! The updates just keep rolling in 😄 


I'm super happy to finally be able to announce the Package Tracker, a brand new addition to the website that gives everyone a little bit more insight about what exactly's going on with their physical item packages and whether they've been sent or not! You can access it from the Community tab in the navigation menu at the top of any page on the website ^^

In the past, we've had to use private messages or forms on the website to exchange information, and if people wanted an update on their package they'd need to just poke me here on the website. Now, all that information is in one place!

With the package tracker you can see whether your package has been packed, shipped, or whether it needs some kind of input from you - such as selecting a choice of shiny in cases where you can select a prize, or entering an address.

You can also edit your mailing address (or delete it). This is part of the improvements we've been wanting to make that give users more direct control over their information - rather than using our old system of asking for it via forms, which can't be accessed after being submitted. Overall, this should make the whole thing more transparent and smoother!


This also means we can finally send out the batch of prizes from the last two fundraisers, which have been put on hold since we wanted to finish the package tracker before sending them out ^^ Huzzah! All the good things!


P.S.: Despite the name, while it would be cool, the tracker doesn't track the whereabouts of your package while it's en route to you 😄. Unfortunately, that's not within our abilities, but in the past, most packages have arrived within 14 days to European locations, and within 30 days everywhere else 🙂.

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