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Aoj Noreht

Welcome To My New Character... O.O

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Say HellooOOOoo to My New Character... i think i did something right this time... or i made her a but to vampire like >.< idk 

Race:  :GW2_Human:

Class: :GW2_Thief:

Other: She likes long walks in Bloodtide coast and despises Ornery Crabs! Also she can't help but want to eat fast food although she at least keeps it healthy with the Rare Veggie Pizza's instead of the ordinary classics.gw067.thumb.jpg.9e1003b87ff5d84f3cd667bc191f5475.jpggw071.thumb.jpg.52fcd1e9e214ddf30445831c1c96007c.jpggw069.thumb.jpg.8ac2026f62ac48633c43c8339cef76b6.jpggw055.thumb.jpg.87af6fdb59d194722e1d3b0a193f3ad4.jpggw054.thumb.jpg.967dd795a0bb91f40810fadfd64825d0.jpg 


Yeah she is a lil blinding...

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