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Hi Folks

I am a newby here in tanking. I would love to learn how to tank the bosses in the raids.

Is there a possibility to learn how to tank?

My chrono is already Metabuild

You can also answer in german, or we can talk on discord or ts3



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Hello 😃

Yes it is possible. Among other raids done by OpenCommunity we also do Tank Trainings - raids focused on learning/practicing tanking of a specific boss. However we don't do them on a regular basis. It's best if we know some raiders are interested, then we schedule one. So poking the Raid Team is needed - it allows us to schedule the raid at a time when all/most interested people will be able to join.

Still, please keep in mind that my team is currently on a break, so no poking please, at least till Pink Day in LA.

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