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Treasure Hunt #2: Thunder's Reach

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Hey everyone!

The next treasure hunt is ready to begin!


The treasure is located on the Western half of the map!

The treasure this time around is Thunder's Reach, an unbreakable bow with Infinity and Punch IV, an enchantment so powerful it is impossible to create it by mortal means!


The treasure is located in a small alcove somewhere in the world!



Minor Treasures:

There are also three minor treasures hidden around the world! They are all in the Western part of the world, and can be recognised via the trademark treasure altar shape.

They all hold the same identical treasure inside!






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After 1 hour of searching, the treasure has been found!

It has once again been found by @Atreyu! Congratulations!

She has placed additional treasures inside, though, so if anyone is still on the lookout, they can find the new treasures within!




And here are the remaining two maps that we didn't end up revealing:



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