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Hello everyone,

I have made several times the TT event with oc, and finally joined today 🙂

I am playing guildwars 2 for  now 6 years, and my main character is an holosmith. I have never really played with a guild (i created mine but all my friends stopped playing 😞) and would like to discover raid.

See you ingame !

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Thanks !

Do you have any advices about beginning in raids ? Because as far as i know, most people dont want newbies (what i understand), and i dont know how to begin. And i am not sure my stuff is optimized for raids... I am stuffed with exo, and a few ascended, with The Predator rifle.

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The Raid Q&A has most of the answers you're looking for, but here's a quick rundown of stuff:
We do have a raid team that does introduction raids, but they're currently on break until Pink Day (October 20th), so you could wait until the raid team is back and then join one of the introduction raids on here (That'd be the option I recommend :D). You could also try pugs, though a lot of pug groups are not very friendly.
If you do want to try pugs, I'd recommend starting with Wing 4 (Bastion of the Penitent), or W1 (Spirit Vale), though most pugs expect you to at least have watched a video/read a guide beforehand.
As for your build, full exotic is absolutely enough, plus you have the most important ascended in your weapon. Gear and damage matter less than knowing mechanics anyway in GW2 raiding. Just make sure you bring the correct stats/runes for your build (if you're not sure what that would be, check the Q&A linked above).

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