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Fun™ Commander Q&A!

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Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little Commanders. But Professor Lelling accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... ELEMENT TT. Thus the Powerpuff Commies were born. Using their ultra-superpowers, Anabelle, Diana, and Kahiara have dedicated their lives to fighting the wurms and the forces of Mordremoth!

Hello! Us three commanders, Kahiara, Anabelle and Diana are gonna be having a fun little Q&A with all of you guys!! If you've ever wondered what Diana eats for breakfast or what Anabelle's favorite series are or Kahiara's favorite letter is, well now is your chance to find out! Join us on the TS after TT on Saturday the 10th of September for silly banter, discussions and questions! We'll be playing along a little drinking game as well so if you are of Legal Drinking Age™ feel free to join.

As for the questions, you can simply send in as many as you want by replying with them to this post OR give me (Britxh) a private message with the question, and specifying whether you want to be anonymous or not (if not said you will automatically be anonymous). Of course any questions asked on TS during the event itself will be answered as well!

We hope to see you join then!!


-No invasive or identity revealing questions.

-NO harassment.

-Specify who your question is directed to, otherwise we will all answer it.

And lastly, have fun! <3




-Strong language will be used

-Alcohol consumption

-TS required

-angry scottish yelling

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If you were stuck on an island with one item, one type of food, one type of drink and one person, what would those things be?

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Would you rather live one life that lasts 1000 years or live 10 lifes that last 100 years each?

Give at least 3 reasons for your decision! =D

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Would you rather be naked in the antarctica or wear a snow suit in the desert?


Would you rather use a toilet paper made from sandpaper or use eyedrops made from vinegar?

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Would you rather let a few harmless spiders walk on you for five minutes or have a snake on your lap, also for five minutes?

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