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Lovely to see all these animals! 

My two babies; Ser Pounce-a-lot (Pounce) is the stupidest Norwegian Forest cat there is and a sucker for cuddles.




Bliss is a regular black house cat with a black velvet coat and the charm of a politician (she's just doing it for the fudz)























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There's not much to tell actually.  They don't even have names, I just call them Cat. They're about 4 years old and though they may not look like it, they're sisters. Probably have a different father :o

The black one is a bit fat

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They... don't have names?? This could be a next community competition! Everyone gets to put in their names for the kitties and you pick two winners :P

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Pic taken on a walk in park at early winter 2016. They were sooo cute and they run over your leggs to get walnuts or slices of carrots straight from your hand :) 


There were few photographers making pics of animals, mostly birds, but squirrels as well... Sometimes was easy to get close up photo - I think that this guy made it: 


I have to found some awesome pics of ma cats as well ;)

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I had a lot of fun going through this entire thread again! A lot of the posts were posted so long ago reactions weren't a thing yet so I just threw a bunch of ❤️ reactions left and right!  😄 

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