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*foxy hello incoming* :3

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Soooo not sure if I did this before butttttt......HAI  I'm foxykits or foxy or Ash if you'd like. I am playing GW2 a bit over a year now and  other games as well(Minecraft/Maplestory and a few more previous and  now)  So yeah I am 28  irl have a  full schedule  outside the internet but I will always make time for  OC  and the game and I'm in the Event team(new as of right now tho) so you might be seeing me around commanding a few events. I am not the best at  GW2 but please bear with me. I am very bad  at  Jumping puzzles but always willing to lend a hand to newer or other players somehow. In game I have a few characters so if you would like to hang out or have fun, run dungeon or  Tier 1 fractals(lack experience and the AR) I am up for it so long as I have the time to play.


*heads up* I do have  felines that like to bug me at  bad moments  so yeah. Not my fault. 

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'ello Foxy, welcome to the Open Community! I hope you'll have a lot of fun and you'll enjoy your time commanding as part of the Event Team in the future!
Insert awkward bear joke here.

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