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I'm really grateful to Epertyufi for ending my terrible headache

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Hi all,

I recently joined DV after taking part in some of the OC events. However, I know Epertyufi (he leads the Dry  Top events) from waaaaaay back in GW1, and we got back in touch when he spotted me during one of the OC events. I asked him for some pr0 help with the Migraine achievement, Hearts and Minds challenge mode, which is REALLY difficult and time-consuming and he went out of his way to help me. Like, a total of 3 hours was spent on many attempts. He found other DV members in need of that achievement, and coordinated everything very well. 

THANK YOU! May you find many shinies! :D

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Eper is awesome, he set up training runs for fractal newbies like me. Yesterday we did about 10 of them flawlessly, thanks to his help!

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I cant quite remember but i suppose at one point we probably were. We were definitely in the same community, I suppose you were as well? :D

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