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What if we had regular Fractals runs like we do Raids?

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Granted, I'm not the most regular or players, but given the number of calls for fractal players I see in chats, wondering if it would be helpful to have regular Fractals runs similar to the Raids ones. Just thinking, many of the calls are for T4, and there are probably quite a few people who'd love to put their hands up, but they're not at T4 yet, so having something like this, possibly at each level, might take off.


Then again, it might tank, dunno if fractals really are still that popular

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Hello Dyblin 🙂 I'm also a supporter of this idea since at least for me Fractals are a lot of fun on a daily base, there is a great learning curve for the Fractals. So I could imagine people enjoying this kind of activity. But there are a few questions that come to my mind if I think about this idea and these are probably not all question that should be answered.

For example, the Question that I have if we take a look and think about this "project" in like 1-month running time.

1. Are there any people even interested in learning Fractals starting at Tier 1?

2. Are there people interested in teaching people for Fractals, how often can this be organized in a week. 

3. If not everyone is on the same pace of learning speed, how you are able to handle that situation. 

To call out just a few Questions, so we could start this project by asking:


Are you( everyone 😄 ) interested in learning how to do these Fractals?

Or are you an experienced Player in these Fractals and you would like to teach others. 


Let me know what you think about the idea. 

I also wane hear the criticism of why this project could not work. 


*Holding the hat in the hands and bowing* 

Yaanawo 🙂 

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