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Welcome to the OpenCommunity Forums!

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Hello everyone & welcome to our brand new forums!

Here's a list of features that you might find useful:

  • Powerful profile & account editor, allowing you to edit your avatar, cover photo, forum signature, follow other members' content, and review your reputation points
  • The theme picker in the bottom left corner of the forums
    • Themes have different colour schemes, and different backgrounds you can pick via the background picker
  • An integrated calendar, allowing you to see all upcoming community events - either general or specific to a game
    • The calendar tool also allows event organizers, guild leaders, etc. to add events without having to contact a moderator
  • The forums come with all the basic forum tools, plus some additional integrated features, such as the ability to highlight content & contributors through a reputation system.

Make sure to look through the community guidelines before posting.

If you have any suggestions and comments for the website, or if anything isn't working - let us know!

OpenCommunity admin team


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