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Community Update #4 - It's About Time!

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It's time for another Community Update! The seasons have shifted and it's once again time for that wonderfully confusing week of half of the world switching time zones. In addition, we've wrapped up the very successful Pink Day campaign and our setting our sights on new horizons for the community!


Time Zone Change

The community operates on a "default" time zone that is considered the main time zone in which times for events are announced and listed in-game, on TeamSpeak and on Discord. This is the time zone of the majority of our users - the Central European time zone. When countries using CET switch to CEST or vice versa, the community also adjusts our default time to the corresponding time zone.

  • The community has changed our default time from CEST [UTC+2] to CET [UTC+1]
    • As such, an event that would previously happen at 22:00 CEST happens at 21:00 CET.
    • For more information on what time it is in CET and how that corresponds to your local time, click the following link.
  • As the calendar is dynamic, the events listed on it will be in correct times for everyone, however, note that many areas in the Americas will be changing from Daylight Saving Time on November 6th.




As October draws to a close, we replace our pink ribbon theme and go back to our usual theme.

  • The pink ribbon forum theme has been replaced with our default theme. The pink theme is still available for anyone to use via the theme picker, which can be found at the bottom of any page on our forums.


Guild Wars 2

We added an extra bit of polish to our GW2 section of the forums!

  • The GW2 section of the forums has been given GW2-themed icons for each forum!
  • We've added GW2-themed emoticons to the forums
    • :GW2_Commander::GW2_TTTT::GW2_TTT::GW2_ET::GW2_RPT:
    • :GW2_Asura::GW2_Charr::GW2_Human::GW2_Norn::GW2_Sylvari:
    • :GW2_Warrior::GW2_Guardian::GW2_Revenant::GW2_Ranger::GW2_Thief::GW2_Engineer::GW2_Elementalist::GW2_Mesmer::GW2_Necromancer:
  • The race and profession icons have been added to our Discord as well


Pink Day in LA Supporter Badges

The Pink Day Fundraiser which has been active for the duration of October has finished with the end of the month! Users have 5 more days to submit their request to redeem the Pink Day Supporter badge and receive the additional progress towards the Supporter rewards.

  • The instructions for redeeming the badge via a donation to the featured cause are listed on this page.


Future Plans

We are hoping to improve many features of the community in the coming weeks. 

  • We'll be rolling out tests for an updated homepage for our website soon, hopefully in November
  • We are hoping to increase our array of GW2 events, with both guild and roleplaying related events in the coming months
    • We are also planning a Community Weekend in late December (currently set on the 17th and 18th)
  • We are continuing to look for volunteers to help us in Community Management, Moderation and Developer positions - both on our platforms; website, forums, social media, and in games. Keep an eye out on the forums as we flesh out what kind of roles we're looking for to improve and grow our community!


As always, thanks for reading, we will continue to improve the community and make sure to update everyone on any changes in the future! :D

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