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The time has finally come!!

I've been on TS for couple of months already, listening to more or less beautiful voices there, but I was always wondering what hides behind those voices and now that forums are up I (we, I'm sure I'm not only one) might actually find that out.

So... go through your computer photos, find your favorite and share it with us ^_^

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Okay, here's me.. 

Wearing my boyfriend's glasses, looking like a scruff


Earlier on today


Sorry for bad quality and I am not responsible for any eyesight damage incurred by looking at my photos >.> 

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5 hours ago, Lelling said:

Sourunji I can't handle the unbuttoned shirt!

The funny thing is I have no idea where that picture came from, why I took it, how I still have it, etc. Just happened to be on my phone. I mean I clearly took it myself, so it's great I have no idea why it's there. Ohohoho. ~


4 hours ago, Steki said:

Is it getting hot in here or what?? 9_9

Of course it is. IT'S SOURUNJI.


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2 hours ago, Susimusta said:

Equus you have a striking resemblance to Declan I have to say...

You need to go and check with an optician, Susi O.o

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Hesitation is the path to the dark side!  Now to find a photo... God damn it!

Yes, as Scarlett pointed out, I was far from sober in this photo.




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