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8 minutes ago, Lelling said:


That winged eyeliner is onnnnnnnnn point!!!!


Thank youuuuu :)) it took years and years of looking like a raccoon to finally master the dreaded winged eyeliner !

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I see many people are doing this now, so here is one of me from last year.

I am one of the few people who were allowed on this navy ship and to take photos, couldn't resist to do this:


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This is me with my family's puppies.  Charlie is on the right (looks a little sad) and Jasper is the one being held, because he cannot keep still.


Me and puppies.png

Edited by Irakaz
picture error, my face broke it
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Well Hello there good people of the OC

I need to start making an effort to meet people so this is my Pic.

After looking through a lot I realised I don't have many Pics of me sober lol. It seems I shy away from the camera until I am drunk 0.O


This is my Dog Chaos ( she's not very good at being a dog she keeps braking )  


Feeling proud as this is the 1st time I've uploaded a photo to a forum lol ( small wins )


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