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Lol my dog loves to swim but that was in rehab as she had a new knee put in ( as I said she is not a very geed at being a dog )




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Oh no, poor dog :( I know how much effort rehab and all that stuff is, my first dog had two operations on her knees as well and it took such a long time for her to walk normally again...

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@Sithicus She is 9 now. It looks like her other leg is bad as I took her for a long walk the other day and it takes her 3 days to recover. I am lucky she is not clever enough to understand she is not very good at being dog.


Yes @Miyaa  it sucks to see they not 100%, they just don't understand what happened and they just want to play.  

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11255506_488616821293718_1507815799912909531_o.jpgSo.. uh.. This is me aka the biggest scrub walking aroud Tyria - Carolinea (Kaja). This picture is from the awesome times I called Finland my home, hoping to come back soon!


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Me toooo! :D

Dog, you said? 9_9

Meet always sad Max...


... and always hungry Zombie :D



... and always on the way to somewhere me :D


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( I needed to hold the phone with one hand and the treat with the other hand. Don't think this was easy to do. Yes, this is totally staged. )


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One where I made an effort to look like a human.
One where I got my unicorn onesy and I was REALLY happy.
One where I felt like a proper cat.

All the faces of Ana :D
(I'm never ever gonna post pictures after these...)



when I make an effort.jpg

uncontrollably happy unicorn me.jpg

the time I felt like a proper cat recut.jpg

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