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I have only few pictures to choose from but I'd like to reveal half of my face and show you my lovely cats! I guess childhood pictures are a thing here too, so there.



Foto 23.06.16, 19 57 37.jpg


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Hello! So I have decided to share my face too. 

At the first photo there is my working face. Second one is my working face after wisdom teeth removal. And the third one is party face!



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Hello internet! This is me. I frequently dye my hair so if you want to know if it's changed then just ask ✨

Vill's idea of putting pictures next to each other was clever so I'm borrowing it.

The first picture is from when I went on a tour in the Chocolate factory! Yes, it was pure imagination. We got so much chocolate...

The second one is about a month after I got my hair dyed at the hair stylist. It was more intense fresh but it faded nicely!



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Changed pictures
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Sorry for double posting, but this one is fresh - made this weekend at Krakow Festival of Comics, was awesome! we were there with LEGO exhibition :)


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I heard someone say doggos...

Here's mine, Eduard aka Eddy!


Well, technically he isn't "mine", it's my sisters dog but he's kinda our family doggo 😄
I think he's so cute ^.^ He recently got in a fight and now he's blind on one eye :c

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