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  • 25 November 2017 16:00     16:05

    This event repeats every 30 years until 29/11/17

    There is no use pretending that there is any other overlord more worthy than Palawa Joko. In his honor, we will conduct a sacred pilgrimage through the Domain of Vabbi to pay our respects to our great leader!
    For this event, we will visit all of the statues required for the Praise Joko! achievement. After that is completed, we will also go to The Desolation to complete the Path of the Gods achievement, which will be followed by a secret, unlisted achievement.
    For the Praise Joko! achievement, you will need only the first waypoint in the Domain of Vabbi (Cragged Vale Waypoint) and a Skimmer Mount to reach some of the statues.
    For the Path of the Gods achievement, you will need the following waypoints in the Desolation: Bonestrand Waypoint, The Scourgeway Waypoint, and the Sand Jackal Run Waypoint.
    There are no additional waypoints required for the secret achievement.
    Path of Fire Expansion Raptor Mount, Springer Mount, Skimmer Mount

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