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Naked Tequatl!


This event repeats every 30 years until 26/10/17

Event details

There's something in the water! It's a shoulder piece, boots, leggings, and a fancy scarf. Don't worry, these aren't the remains of a fallen hero, this is just a sign of a good old Naked Tequatl party! Who even needs armor to defeat Zhaitan's champion? Throw away those clothes and let's party in the Sparkfly Fen!

Zhaitan's champion, Tequatl, terrorizes Sparkfly Fen. The Hylek and Vigil forces have banded together to protect the coast and fight off the encroaching undead! 

The event features a world boss of moderate difficulty. Three to four teams defend the special objectives while fighting the boss in several phases.


  • Level 66 (80 recommended)
  • Sparfly Fen reached (Splintered Coast Waypoint / Brooloonu Waypoint)

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