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  1. Whether it's something you've built, or something you've found, share it in here! Don't forget to include the coordinates or directions if you want others to be able to find it as well! (You can see the coordinates you are located at by pressing F3, they're visible on the left side of the screen under XYZ / Block)
  2. This thread is the place for any ideas & suggestions for the Minecraft server - before posting, please read the list below and check if your suggestion has already been made in the past! PLANNED Post office (in development) More in-game events (currently waiting for 1.13.1) Plugins (waiting for stable releases of the plugins) Bukkit / Spigot Worldguard Dynmap (world map on website)
  3. Lelling

    Hey folks :)

    Hey, welcome to the forums! I've seen you around for quite a while so it's nice to see you here
  4. Lelling

    What are you listening to right now?

    Have I mentioned I am OBSESSED with this song (thanks @Pippin)
  5. Congratulations!

    1. Lelling


      Thanks, Tawni!

  6. Lelling

    Spawn Village Name Poll

    Thank you for all your suggestions, everyone! We've picked 5 names out of the selection and now it's time for the final vote!
  7. Lelling

    Dragon Raid

    We gather to defeat Minecraft's biggest and difficultest boss, together! The Dragon Raid is a one-time event in which we will hunt down the Dragon boss in The End. As such, in addition to killing the dragon, this event also marks the opening of The End for everyone! Woot for loot! We'll be gathering at the Spawn hub, then travelling to the End together. No special requirements are set, although the adventure is dangerous, so it's recommended to bring your best armor & equipment. Bringing a bow and arrows is also a good idea.
  8. Lelling

    Random Screenshots from the OC Server!

    I tried to remember to take some pics from the construction of the spawn island
  9. Lelling

    Minecraft Server Update!

    August Update The Minecraft server is now up and running! You can find it by connecting to minecraft.theopencommunity.org Or using the direct IP: Special Event: Name the Minecraft Village A special limited time event is happening in the community - a tiny village next to the spawn location is being adopted by the community, and we need a name for it! Head over to the Minecraft page and send in your suggestion! The suggestions are open until August 5th! Make sure to keep an eye on the Minecraft page for news & updates about events and other shenanigans! Guidelines updated The Minecraft section of the Community Guidelines (Section E) has been updated.
  10. Lelling

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Alright, I was able to find you now ^^ Done!
  11. Lelling

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hey ^^ I couldn't find you on the discord, are you sure you've joined it already?
  12. Lelling

    Triple Trouble

    The Three-Headed Great Jungle Wurm terrorizes the jungle! But we're ready to terrorize it back! The Vigil Crusaders are ready and waiting for the armies of Tyrian heroes to march into the Wurm's domain and slay the giant creature. The Triple Trouble event is a fast-paced, high-intensity event where three teams must coordinate their efforts to slay the three heads of the Wurm at the same time. Due to the large number of split-second decisions, TeamSpeak is required. No experience with the event is required, all tactics & mechanics are explained beforehand. Level Requirement: 60 (80 recommended) Location: Bloodtide Coast
  13. Lelling

    DV Newsletter Archives

    DV's July Newsletter [Sent out 4-10.7.2018] - Two types sent, one for active & new members, another for inactive members.
  14. Lelling

    Heyhey :)

    Heya! I can't really say welcome since you've been in the community for a while, but still - welcome! ^^
  15. Lelling

    Invite issue

    The guild did hit 500 members at some point last week, which automatically rescinded all pending invites. I've sent you another invite now ^^