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Dry Top

This event repeats every week until 27/10/18

Event details

After their sabotage-induced crash, the Zephyrites are stuck in Dry Top and looking for aid. We must help them recover and hold their ground against the perils of the desert. 

Dry Top features a map-wide meta event with tons of smaller events which must all be completed in order to get the highest reward tier, meaning the merchants on the map will offer better items at lower prices.

The event is a map-wide meta-event, for which everyone on the map must pitch in in order to ensure maximum success. All of the event mechanics will be explained by the commander during the event, so you do not need any prior knowledge before joining. You don’t need to be in the map prior to the event - the commander will explain how we get everyone onto the same map.

Event Requirements:

  • A level 80 character
  • Dry Top map reached (first-time players joining on time will also have the time to travel to Dry Top without having discovered it before)



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