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Len K

Screenshot Edits ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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After debating with myself, finally agreeing to do it, and then chickening out of making this post five different times(and then leaving this blank for a good 2 hours), I've decided to start offering screenshot edits! 

They'll be one gold per edit (If you want to tip more than that be my guest I would feel to bad to charge more than that ^^) 

They would look something like this(Sourunji is my edit guinea pig)tumblr_o2m2n2CrtH1urz4k2o1_1280.png

Some guidelines/helpful tips!

  1. Please turn postprocessing OFF. I know it makes gw2 look cool and all, but it makes it very hard to separate your character from the background in most cases.
  2. Get creative with locations! Daytime, nighttime, in the air, or under water, Dragon's Stand to Blazeridge Steppes. Tryia has a ton of nifty places to take photos. The world is your oyster, so have fun with it~
  3. Get movin'! Got a favorite weapon skill? Do you really like to show off your dance moves? Take a screenshot of your character in action if you want! (Though you might want to take multiple shots if you go that route so you get a good picture)
  4. If you can, consider setting up GW2 to save screenshots under .bmp. Working with .bmp files is considerably easier as .jpg is just...no. It's doable, but the image will be compressed.
  5. Try to keep background noise to a minimum. It is a lot harder to pick someone out of a crowd if there are 25 other players in the shot. Plus, it makes the background look wonky when out of focus but I mean, if you're taking a selfie with Tequatl(some people have done this), I can't stop ya.
  6. (You don't necessarily have to do characters in GW2, its just a game I have more experience with)

That's...pretty much it tbh. I've ran out of ideas and its taken me all night(I started whenever Declan got off TS and its 9PM now) to pull this thing together so uh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can message me here(I think), poke me on TS, or message me to get on either of those things in GW2(Leonide Vermilion.7243 or if you see me running around as Eliden De L'eau just yell at me or something i dunno)

If I'm not allowed to do this I'll gladly take it down ^^

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