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  1. I can tell which region it is. Maybe even the area, but I can't find this spot anywhere...can't remember seeing it before even...
  2. Anybody still looking or trying to achieve this one or should I replace it with something less difficult to achieve?
  3. And...then I read the hint... And here is for all to enjoy, my evilest yet...
  4. I really have no idea where to start looking, this can be all over the shiverpeaks....
  5. True...but the evilest thing about it is ignoring everybody wanting a port in this map.
  6. I could also just post it myself.. And this one for everyone to enjoy...
  7. I (think I) know where that is...but can everybody get there?
  8. This is a bed for miniatures.... And...well just get this one from the right angle...:
  9. where the hell is this, I can't remember going through here at all...
  10. It's in sum place unreachable without dying until a few weeks ago.
  11. Yes, got it. And Chilly indeed... I'll provide you all with this one, happy hunting.


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